7 Best Multi-Camera Live Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

Multi-Camera live streaming apps have had a boom in recent years. Producers, broadcast professionals, and content creators’ livelihoods all depend on live streaming equipment and technology. More and more the “average” consumer has come to rely heavily on live streaming as a part of their daily social and professional workflow.

Best Multi-Camera Live Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone

With more people creating content than ever before and more businesses relying on their people working remotely than ever before, the business of live streaming is robust, to say the least.


The Best Multi-Camera Live Streaming Apps

The best and most visual live streaming content goes well beyond a single camera. They take in multiple broadcast sources and most commonly, multiple cameras. The more visually engaging the content, the more likely it is to gain traction.

As such, the market for multi-camera mobile apps for creating live content is congested, and quality suffers significantly for those who don’t do their research. In this guide, we break down some of the best features of the most popular multi-camera broadcast apps.

Take a look at the pros and cons and see for yourself what will set your original content and live events apart from everyone else.


TVU Anywhere

TVU Anywhere is the best broadcasting app for live streaming broadcast-quality video for Android, iPhone, iPad, and many other mobile devices. Anyone can go live on the go directly from your phone.

The app uses cellular bonding technology and HEVC encoding to give the highest quality stream every time. It is used by thousands of journalists and live streamers across the world.


Users have endless options with this live video app for a variety of the best shots, angles, and graphics for your streaming needs. Producers streaming with multiple cameras from multiple locations will have content that is more engaging and higher quality than a stream with a single camera angle could ever be.

TVU Anywhere essentially turns your smartphones and tablets into production cameras and uplink trucks with HD and 4K quality. The app supports dual-camera operation, remote pan-zoom, and other settings that enable home, remote or field-based professionals to deliver content via their mobile devices.

Advantages of TVU Anywhere (Pros)

  • TVU Anywhere is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPads, and most tablets in addition to broadcast cameras allowing you to create multi-camera live streams from essentially any type of camera.
  • The patented combination of a cellphone signal, public internet, and WiFi provides a high bandwidth connection with less lag time.
  • Easily integrates into the entire TVU ecosystem for end-to-end live video production
  • Large-scale fan engagement through live participation with your live broadcast through limitless live sources
  • Easy to operate with tons of video guides for reference and has awesome customer service to guide users who need help setting up or troubleshooting.

Best for: Broadcast professionals, journalists, live sporting events, concert venues, breaking news events, severe weather coverage, influencers, podcasters, musicians, corporations, festivals, and more.


Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is a live streaming application with the ability to directly stream live on social media services like Facebook and YouTube as well as premium platforms like Ustream. This software is geared towards influencers and e-commerce companies working to use the service to sell products and promote brands.


The app allows creators to connect with consumers in an easier capacity. Switcher Studio makes it a point to find a seamless way to send content straight out to your social media accounts.

Advantages of Switcher Studio (Pros)

  • Switcher Studio is easy to link with Facebook and YouTube accounts while live streaming.
  • The app syncs common hardware from iPhones and iPads to record and stream live video.
  • While live streaming, users can insert photos, graphics, and multi-view effects during a live stream.

Best for: Influencers, social media gurus, and e-commerce platforms



ViuLive is a multi-camera live streaming app that allows users to stream and broadcast content. The company said it gives users a unique experience to stream from multiple-camera angles, giving creators ultimate flexibility for storytelling within a live stream. ViuLive says this allows you to choose your view from multiple camera streams in a single event.

Advantages of ViuLive (Pros)

  • ViuLives’s multi-screen display gives the viewers the power to select which camera angle to watch.
  • User-friendly group live stream capabilities from up to six angles.
  • It is compatible with most RTMP-enabled cameras, allowing users to connect directly from the streaming device itself.
  • It is available on common devices and platforms. 

Best for: small concerts, festivals, graduations, school events, weddings, small corporate events, conferences, and churches


Wirecast Go

This is a cloud-based multi-source app designed for on-premise live streaming. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows processors and has capabilities for screen sharing and video conferencing. There are two versions of the app available.

Advantages of Wirecast (Pros)

  • Split multi-screen features
  • Screen sharing and video conferencing are built into the app
  • Features include playlist creation, web conferencing, screen capture, and audio ingestion & mixing.
  • Options for customizable branding

Best for: churches, schools, and businesses hoping to broadcast events in real-time.



Airmix is an iOS video production suite from Teradek. Airmix claims it transforms your basic single or multi-camera live production into a polished live streaming experience on just an iPhone of iPad.

Advantages of Airmix (Pros)

  • User-friendly and easy-to-learn interface
  • You can broadcast up to ten media sources at a time including cameras, network video, and pre-recorded files
  • Includes an integrated audio mixer and graphics editor
  • The app has built-in customizable scoreboards and overlays
  • Features instant replay and slow motion for sports
  • YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch chat monitoring integration

Best for: small to mid-size businesses, influencers, churches, one camera content creators.


Many Cam Mobile

ManyCam is a switcher and streaming application for Windows and Mac. This app claims it can stream directly from your mobile device and use multiple smartphones to stream from different locations at the same time.

Advantages of Many Cam Mobile (Pros)

  • You can connect to more than one device from different locations during the live stream.
  • Connects to IP cameras from various locations at the same time.
  • Easy installation and interface setup.
  • Supports video recordings from other devices and from 37 different apps and services.
  • One-click streaming option to social media platforms.

Best for: streamers, tutorial creators, reviewers, YouTubers, social media personalities, and video-chatters


Mevo Multicam App

Logitech’s Mevo Multicam App is included in its “studio in a box” kit that allows content creators to live stream, switch between sources, and record in 1080p to a variety of streaming platforms. This software is only compatible with Mevo Start and Mevo Plus cameras.

Advantages of Mevo Multicam App (Pros)

  • The app is user-friendly and connects to Mevo cameras well.
  • Users can switch shots with ease for up to 3 cameras.
  • Cost-effective portable equipment.

Best for: Beginners, Mevo camera owners, influencers, small businesses


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