Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulation of ENG Mobile Systems

The FCC provides specific policies and procedures related to radio frequency (RF) emissions in mobile and portable devices. The FCC outlines test requirements and specific test procedures based on the type of device. These test requirements and procedures can also cover Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for RF.

The TVUPack device has always conformed to all applicable FCC regulations covering mobile systems for electronic news gathering. All required tests for the TVUPack device as outlined in the regulations were performed by a third party testing lab which issued a certificate of compliance for the TVUPack. The certificate is applicable to both the FCC and CE. Additionally, the data modems used in TVUPack are commercially available off-the-shelf brands and have been FCC and carrier certified.

Supporting documentation demonstrating TVUPack’s compliance with the applicable FCC regulations is available upon request.

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