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Most TVU solutions feature easy to use SDK’s or API’s that allow developers to easily
integrate into the TVU ecosystem.

How our SDK works

The TVU Anywhere SDK allows you to add high-quality, low-latency and reliable live video transmission directly to your iOS or Android app. Live transmissions feed directly into the TVU ecosystem which provide compatibility with TVU Receivers, TVU Grid (IP Video Distribution) and TVU Cloud SaaS tools such as Producer, Partyline, MediaMind, Transcriber and more. Anywhere SDK also supports the TVU Token service, which provides a quick method of linking a TVU Anywhere transmitter with a TVU Receiver.

Incorporate the power of TVU technology into your app or broadcasting solution for free by installing our SDK or API below.

Download TVU Anywhere SDK >

Trusted by thousands of leading media companies

Today, thousands of broadcasters and video professionals around the world use TVU Anywhere to go live from the most remote and extreme locations.

Live news and events can happen anywhere and at any time and TVU Anywhere makes it possible to transmit a high-quality, low-latency transmission directly from an iOS or Android device.

Built on rugged IS+ protocol

TVU Anywhere uses the same high-performance and rugged transmission IS+ protocol as used in the industry leading TVU One uplink device, allowing live coverage under even the most harsh and extreme conditions.

Bonded cellular technology you can rely on

TVU Anywhere also provides the ability to aggregate the smart device’s cellular and WiFi connection simultaneously, providing more bandwidth and connection redundancy.

Ready to implement TVU Anywhere SDK?

Note, by downloading the TVU Anywhere SDK, you agree to the terms and conditions of the following license agreement, which can be found here.

Please read our License Agreement and fill out the form below to access our SDK documents.

Once you’re ready to implement the app, you will need to contact TVU Support to obtain a unique App Key and Secret.

APIs available:

  • TVU MediaMind
  • TVU Transceiver / Grid
  • TVU IS+ Transmission API