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Fastest 5G Router With Gigabit Internet For Professional Broadcasts

TVU Router, the best 5g router for gigabit internet speed. Ensures 24/7 blazing fast, stable, and reliable internet anywhere in the world.

Internet access point that delivers up to 4Gbps of secure, high-speed connectivity. Ideal for immediate file transfers, live streaming, and public safety applications. Guarantee the highest bandwidth reliability under unreliable and extreme network environments.

Built-In IS+
Superfast Wireless Connection.

Wireless gigabit router with high-speed internet connection using TVU’s patented IS+ technology. IS+ is embedded in every TVU Router, it aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, 5G, LTE, cable, satellite, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi to ensure the highest level of stability and reliability every time.

The only thing even close was our last IS technology. IS+ is generations ahead of any other cellular bonding solution.

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Ready to go whenever and wherever you need.

Quick setup and easy configuration make it possible to have TVU Router up and running in just seconds. Optimized for international use with intelligent data link configuration based on user location to avoid data congestion.

Integrate TVU 5G Router over multiple IP protocols

Seamless integration in your environment

Companies using a VPN will also enjoy high performances thanks to our multiplexed transmission protocol. TVU Router solutions support all public TCP and UDP protocols.

Extensive Third Party Protocols Supported.
Connect your routers to your decoders, switchers, remote cameras, audio call panels. A non-exhaustive list of protocols includes NDI, SRT, 2110 JPEG XS and more.

Low cost 5G router using cellular bonding for live video - TVU Router

Perfect balance between stability and cost

- Set priority levels on each data link to ensure the cheapest one are used first
- Each link can be set with a different capping rate to control costs.
- Cellular bonding improves bandwidth but often consumes more data than needed in the process.

5G router with cellular bonding and remote control

Analyze and Maximize your Router Streaming Performance

Complete Cloud-based analytics to monitor your devices in real-time, including location tracking.

Enhance router for video streaming and improved device efficiency by checking each wireless link signal speed and stability.

ⓘ Why does TVU Router offer better performance?

Traditional mobile uplink solutions attempt to solve the bandwidth problem through an integrated approach, and all transmission channels use TCP for multi-link data distribution. This method cannot deal with the continuously changing code stream, packet loss rate, and delay in mobile and complex network environments. Most systems can only rely on retransmission technologies such as ARQ, HARQ… which significantly increases the delay time of the system.