Easily create, manage and monetize unlimited live digital channels for connected TV, OTA, OTT

We offer broadcasters and content companies a unique opportunity: Monetize existing content and reduce traditional channel management costs by tapping into the growth of FAST Streaming TV.

Create more channels and revenue with less resources

With the TVU Channel Cloud environment you can easily launch and manage as many channels as you want. Reach both global and niche audiences for next to nothing with no additional staffing and no limit to additional revenue.

Keep your existing channels 100% secure

Easily mirrors broadcast schedules to run any number of channels redundantly digitally without added staff
Disaster-proofs stations Master Control from bad actors, bad weather, and just plain bad luck.

Increase Advertising Revenue

Launch FAST channels to tap into the growth of streaming TV, through streamlined and highly targeted ad insertions.

Meet TVU Channel

Awarded FAST channel and playout solution - TV Tech award

The 24/7 Channel solution created with the world’s biggest broadcasters, integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows.

Simply beyond traditional cloud playout,
with intuitive scheduling, Live programming, and fully automated ad insertion for scalable growth.

Easy. Reliable. FAST.


TVU Channel

Easy 24/7
FAST Channel

  • Anyone can Operate
  • Live and Prerecorded Programming
  • Distribution to any platform
  • Closed Captioning
  • SCTE Triggers

Starting at

$1950 /month


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