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Ingest. Index. Clip. Distribute.
Streamline your media processes with AI

Instantly ingesting and indexing all your streams with rich metadata, TVU Search ensures you always find the content you need in a flash. Access and clip content effortlessly from your laptop, and distribute with ease.

The ultimate time and money saver for your media workflow.

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Manage vast quantities of content in real-time

Be the first to break the story. With TVU Search, all your streams are indexed, sorted, and ready to be clipped in under 10 seconds since transmission.

live streams indexing and ingesting

Save time with smart clipping

Use face recognition and speech-to-text to ease your work: just highlight the words from the automatic transcription to get your clip.

automatic live video clippling with ai

Never miss a thing

TVU Search ingests live content 24/7, no need to set recordings. Plus, with our active search tool, you can configure criteria to get alerts and automatic clippings the moment something relevant happens.

live broadcasting alerts and automation

Get it everywhere

Download your clips in multiple formats, automatically distribute them to social platforms, or send them to the studio for more complex, captivating stories. All with just a click.


Gain insights into success

Unlock the full potential of your content by analyzing key performance indicators, down to the frame. Choose from a selection of data to view, including:

  • - Story downloads
  • - Created clips, including full slug information
  • - History of downloaded files, with usage information by individual users

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No software/hardware expenses. No hidden costs.
TVU Search operates entirely in the cloud. Get unlimited indexing and clipping capabilities for only $98/month per user.

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TVU Search gave us a fast and efficient solution. The speed, reliability and quality of their ingest and clipping solution is unmatched in the market and allows us to provide a world-class multimedia product to our subscribers.

cloud video indexing and video search with ai

100% cloud-based

Access your content from anywhere. Our cloud solutions reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands on hardware.

ai video search engine - safe


Our fully-secured, hack-proof management is designed to destroy bad actors and keep all your content safe.

open api video search engine ai

Easily integrated

All TVU solutions are Open API, adapting perfectly to your current settings with custom workflows for your specific needs.


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Talk to our experts to learn more.
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