The real-time speech-to-text transcribing service

Use highly accurate open or closed captioning that flexibly meets all your needs

Ensure FCC compliance.

Don’t stress out about meeting FCC standards. TVU Transcriber makes sure all your captions comply with FCC rules and regulations.

A smart, affordable, flexible way to provide captioning.

TVU’s pay-per-use pricing model guarantees that you pay only and exactly for the amount of time that TVU Transcriber has actually been deployed. Need to use TVU Transcriber for just the weather and traffic segments of your news program? No problem -- you’ll pay for just that. Additionally, TVU Transcriber auto-senses when captions should be put in, so you’ll never be charged for more than what you need.

Plug and play.

No need for elaborate setup or complicated integration. TVU Transcriber simply exists as a part of your air chain, and is ready for action as soon as it’s installed.