tvu channel prices for FAST channel and cloud playout


TVU Channel - Go beyond playout.

The 24/7 Channel solution created with the world’s biggest broadcasters available for everyone. Build your own Free Ad-Supported TV channel now.

Easy. Reliable. FAST.

Create a FAST channel in seconds with TVU Channel


In your web browser, set up your video format, channel logo and name and your channel is created. It is that simple.

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FAST channel and broadcast scheduling - TVU Channel


Go to Scheduler to access our intuitive calendar view, and simply drag and drop your media in the desired date and time slot. You can also use program templates to make it even easier.

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Insert ads and import live feed to playout FAST channel


Make your program great with live breaking news, and monetize your 24/7 channel with multiple ad insertion groups for commercial breaks.

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Schedule and broadcast FAST channel to air


Go live - Broadcast, OTT, website, apps, social media. Playout your own 24/7 channel, from your laptop.

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The easiest way to manage and launch your 24/7 live digital channel for live broadcasting over the air, on cable, OTT, apps, social media, and websites. Launch from your laptop in minutes. Intuitive. Cloud native. Unleash your creativity.


Live broadcasting and playout software can be complex. We made our cloud-based scheduling and playout actions intuitive. Some single click playout features include:

Break-in live video or switch programs instantly at any time.

Breaking news auto-recording.

Schedule or manually insert graphic overlays.

Output Electronic Program Guides.

Instant on or scheduled Ticker/Crawl.

Program interrupt for instant changes.


Anyone who can operate a web based calendar can create, schedule, and playout multi-channel programs in a matter of minutes with TVU Channel.

247 Live channel management and ad automations

• Easy for one person to operate and manage.

• Integrates effortlessly with all TVU solutions.

• Built For Live production and program playout.

• Accessible by multiple users at the same time.

• Syndicate to multiple platforms at once.

• Social media single click connection.
TVU Channel broadcast scheduling interface and FAST channel management

No Expensive Infrastructure

Cloud-native means no complicated configuration.

Easily operate Channel without hardware, software, or virtual machines to deploy.

You are up and running in a matter of minutes with nothing more than your laptop.

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Have any doubts? Our team is here to help you

247 Stable cloud playout service for FAST channels

Always on 24/7

TVU Channel’s cloud-native live scheduling and playout was built hand in hand with the world’s biggest broadcasters to drive content acquisition, indexing, programming, and proliferation.

Reliability and stability are at the core of our cloud-native solution. No latency, glitching, freezing, or digitizing and TVU Channel never stops running. Never has. Never will. Hundreds of thousands of uninterrupted hours.

You do the creative. We’ll provide the bulletproof reliability and stability you need to succeed.
Cloud playout and FAST channel security

Secure Remote Station Operation

In broadcast, bad things happen that are beyond our control. From viruses (cold and criminal) to violent weather you need a way to safely and securely run your station remotely.

TVU Channel provides full redundancy for when your broadcast channel goes down. It is a low cost life insurance policy for your primary product.

Fully secured, hack proof channel management designed to destroy bad actors and keep your station safe.

Channel can serve as a backup that you spin up only when you need it and run from anywhere in the world
TVU Channel manage and schedule remotely from any location

One click away to a worldwide audience

Distribute your program LIVE to multiple platforms: Broadcast, OTT, apps, streams, social, and web sites one at a time or all at the same time, 24/7 without any infrastructure. With our extensive support of all major output formats we can condition the channel output for any syndication service, CDN, or online video platforms (OVP)
Playout and FAST Channel monetization

Making Money from your Channel

Sell the commercial inventory of your Channel or let us do it for you with a full service FAST Channel

Channel has full SCTE ad insertion triggers, easy sponsor logo overlays, and full as-run logs.

Ads run when you set them to OR are automatically ingested when programs are added to your Channel.

As-run logs auto generated so advertisers know where and when their spots ran.

TVU Channel fully interfaces with all BFX schedule formats, Wide Orbit, and most 3rd party scheduling software.



The single biggest barrier to broadcasters, businesses, or anyone wanting to create new content channels is the expensive infrastructure.
Spinning up a single OTT channel or other digital channel can cost several hundred thousands of dollar in playout, scheduling equipment, and operating expenses.

There is a better way.

Pay as you go using TVU Channel, first of its kind cloud-based playout and scheduling service. Starting $1,950/month.


Monetize TVU Channel and scale performance

Channel evolves as you do

TVU Channel Microservices are updated constantly by introducing new features and capabilities while the channel is running. While other playout and scheduling services require down time for updates, or worse, installs of whole new broadcasting software, TVU Channel updates seamlessly.

Need a feature that you can’t find? We can create it. Just reach out to us.

What’s more, because we are an open API and believe in community, everyone’s innovations are everyone’s.

TVU FAST Channel live broadcast and scheduling solutions

Instantly integrate with all TVU solutions

TVU Channel integrates easily within the TVU Networks ecosystem: TVU Producer for multi-camera live video production and graphic overlays, TVU Search for AI-powered content search, TVU Transcriber for real-time closed captioning, TVU Grid for point to multi-point video distribution over the Internet, and the TVU One mobile transmitter and TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast app for live video sources

There’s a lot more to do with TVU Channel, request a demo and see for yourself just how simple and easy it is to start your own Channel.

We’re here

Talk to our team if you have any doubts and learn all the ways TVU Channel can make things easier for you

Learn how to use TVU Channel with these tips

Break into and rejoin programming in TVU Channel

How to break into and rejoin programming

Manage live breaking news and schedule live breaking news segments

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Add SCTE messaging into a program schedule in TVU Channel

How to add SCTE triggers to your program schedule

TVU Channel SCTE messaging is validated by multiple ad insertion groups and can be triggered anytime.

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Create and add schedule templates in TVU Channel

How to create and add schedule templates

Save the day’s programming schedule as a schedule template to use in the future.

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EPG feature in TVU Channel

How to import and export the Programming Guide

Enter programming guide information into your channel in the playout schedule to ensure the most up-to-date data.

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Add a graphic overlay in TVU Channel

How to add a graphic logo overlay

Add a native logo overlay into your program

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Add and execute crawls in TVU Channel

How to add and execute crawls

Learn how to easily include crawls.

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Add programs and video into TVU Channel

How to add pre-recorded programs

TVU Channel makes it simple to import programs and videos into custom channels for scheduled playouts.

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Bring live scheduled sources into TVU Channel

How schedule live events

Import a live, paired stream into your playout schedules, such as TVU Anywhere, RMTP push, and transceivers

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Build templates in TVU Channel

How to build live and recorded program templates

Build a new program template, build a new template for live events, or create a template from an existing file

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Create a TVU Channel

How to create a Channel

TVU Channel makes it simple for anyone to create custom channels for increasingly targeted audiences.

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Repeat and replicate programs in TVU Channel

How to duplicate/repeat programs and program templates

Build a custom repeating TVU Channel playout schedule quickly. Replicate programs from your file list into your monthly/daily schedule.

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Enable Closed Captioning in TVU Channel

How to enable Closed Captioning (CC)

Turning on the TVU Channel Closed Captioning capability enables TVU Transcriber to stay in the video stream.

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Schedule a program in TVU Channel

How to schedule a program

Drag and drop media or a program template into the TVU Channel calendar.

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Channel to air

How to take your channel to Air

Take your channel to “Air” and/or output to a Social Media channel.

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