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Using Cloud Based Technology For Remote Production Reduces Your Carbon Footprint!

Live production leaves a heavy carbon footprint. Remote production in the cloud is considerably cleaner because it reduces or removes the need for OB Vans, satellite trucks and countless cars and flights for crew transportation.


Sustainable production is not only good for the planet. It is good for your  bottom line as well by maximising resources while delivering high-end production cost-effectively. More sustainable operations not only provide an alternative to large and complex facilities and on-site technical teams, but also enable the support of more live events per day.

Less travel time means not only more time for more creative tasks, but also less fatigue, less time away from home, and a better work-life balance.

TVU Networks CO2 friendly solutions

TVU Producer – Premier Cloud Native Production Platform

Our premier cloud native platform for multi-camera live streaming and broadcast. What previously required truckloads of  professional production equipment moved on-site (switcher for multiple signals, audio board, graphics, mix-minus, replay, teleprompters, etc) can now be fully realized, without hardware and from anywhere via the cloud. Zero infrastructure, zero travel, greatly reduced carbon footprint. All your team members can manage one program simultaneously from different locations.

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TVU Remote Commentator – Live commentary from home

A cloud-based commentary platform providing remote broadcasting solutions for live announcers, on-air hosts, and sporting event commentators. On-air announcers and talent can call the action from wherever there’s an internet connection. So you can make your event from the comfort of your home without any restrictions. All without any travel effort and costs.

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TVU Anywhere – Mobile live streaming app for video broadcasting

Delivering high-quality live transmission for video broadcasting in remote locations. Transmit full-HD and 4K video from anywhere using cellular bonding technology and HEVC encoding. A studio operator can control everything from focus and brightness to frame and zoom from a remote location without the need for infrastructures or on-site live trucks.

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TVU Channel – Operate a TV station in the cloud

The easiest way to manage and launch your 24/7 live digital channels for live broadcasting over the air, on cable, OTT, apps, social media, and websites. Build your own free ad-supported TV channel with no hardware needed. You can now have a new channel running in minutes.

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Sustainable Live Production with TVU Cloud Native Solutions

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Perfect stability

Our cellular bonding and frame-accurate syncing technologies ensure the most stable live broadcast with zero latency and zero glitches.

No flights

TVU Cloud solutions allows for most of your team to do from home what used to require a round-trip flight to the event. One crew flying from Paris to New York is 1 metric ton of CO2 equivalent!

No trucks

Progress in cellular technology combined with TVU patented live production solutions allows for professional 4K multi-camera event production using nothing but smartphones and a laptop. Goodbye satellite trucks.

No infrastructure

TVU end-to-end cloud native media supply chain allows to address your entire workflow in the cloud: content acquisition, indexing, production and distribution across any platforms. No need for bulky equipment or TV studio. Your home will do.

ISO 14001 Certified since 2017

TVU Networks carbon footprint reduction goes beyond its more sustainable live production toolset. As an organisation, TVU Networks Spain, in charge of servicing customers all over Europe, is ISO 14001:2015 certified since 2017. We seek and implement every day new ways to contribute to the environmental pillar of sustainability.