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The only solution that combines REMI production and cloud production in a single portable unit. Maximum portability and performance for any multi-camera live broadcast such as sports, news, events, and concerts.

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The world's most powerful live remote production platform to cover ALL events.

With wireless connectivity, unparalleled transmission speeds, and superb multi-camera production performance, the TVU RPS One is the perfect addition to the already most powerful REMI and cloud-based production platform in the industry.

In venues where wired connectivity is available and multi-camera synchronized SDI production is needed, TVU's award winning RPS and RPS Link are the solutions of choice among top producers of live content with tens of thousands of live remote multi-camera events transmitted.

The Power of Two.
Working as One.

TVU solutions contribute content to the cloud-native TVU Producer platform for fast digital production, and downstream distribution to digital and SDI endpoints.

Choose cloud-native or hybrid REMI for compelling live broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Our extensive portfolio of remote production solution easily integrates with your existing workflow. Reach out if you need advice on producing your upcoming live event.

Bring your production to new heights.

This wireless encoder supports up to 4 synchronized SDI inputs for 1080p HDR remote production, and up to 4 hours of autonomy when paired with TVU Powerpac for uninterrupted live production.
Its rugged backpack design offers excellent shock absorption, making it the ideal solution for off-road live productions in challenging environments.

Sub-second delay.
The #1 reference for frame accurate multi camera synchronization

To meet the most demanding sports production requirements, TVU uses time stamping technology combined with its well-known low-latency transmission protocol to achieve perfect frame accuracy in multi-camera production with sub-second latency.

Frame accuracy multi-camera synchronization

Extreme transmission stability with low bandwidth

Even in the most remote or crowded areas, our unique encoding technology combined with our patented transmission algorithm IS+ allows for HD encoding and transmission over IP and cellular data aggregation with a bandwidth as low as 1Mb/s per channel.

Cellular aggregation for stability - remote production

Light Speed: Next-Generation 5G Standards

Break through the limitations with 6 worldwide 5G modems with LTE/3G fallback, and aggregate together up to 12 connections including Starlink, WiFi, Ethernet, BGAN and more. TVU One RPS supports up to 125Mbps. Enjoy Unmatched Connectivity.

5g celullar aggregation encoder for remote production

Unmatched performance
in the world of wireless communication.


TVU RPS One boasts an innovative 5G MIMO antenna array that guarantees the seamless operation of all built-in 5G modems at peak performance simultaneously. This remarkable feature is complemented by six next-generation 3GPP Release 16 modems, which provide comprehensive support for 5G SA and NSA modes, as well as compatibility with the most widely-used 5G, LTE, and 3G bands across the globe.

Additionally, the RPS One’s dual WiFi modules, equipped with MIMO antennas, ensure top-notch connectivity with local devices and multiple available networks concurrently, delivering unmatched performance and versatility in the world of wireless communication.


The most complete
Remote Production ecosystem
to cover ALL types of events.


Voice over IP communication

Don’t Miss a Beat.
Ultimate Voice over IP Collaboration.

Hear every word clearly and collaborate seamlessly with the replay manager, graphic team, commentators, live guests, and production crew, all in the TVU Cloud environment. With real-time mix-minus and direct talkback, experience the ultimate remote collaboration with TVU RPS One.

Remote production ecosystem

Streamline your workflow,
achieve cost savings.

Unleash Your Remote Production Potential with TVU’s end-to-end cloud ecosystem. Manage up to 12 synchronized live feeds from any TVU solutions including the TVU RPS One, and perform real-time switching, live guest interaction, playout and more, without any hardware investment.
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Switch to a REMI or cloud-based workflow for efficient live event coverage and cost savings

Our experienced solution team can guide you through the process, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to try out a single piece of our production ecosystem.