At-home/REMI multi-camera remote production - TVU Timelock

Synchronize your TVU transmissions

Wireless 4K/HDR at-home/REMI (Remote Integration Model) multi-camera production using a standard Internet connection over bonded cellular.

Watch Video

Completely wireless synchronization of multiple live video sources.

Using TVU One live video transmitters over LTE/4G/5G networks. Up to 1080p and 4K quality with low transmission delay, down to 0.5 seconds for perfect output to your studio for frame accurate switching and immediate production. Includes IP tunnel for video return, intercom, tally and remote control management.

Produce with synced live feeds.
TVU Timelock allows you to set up to six TVU transmissions to the same delay to achieve synchronization. Output to your studio for immediate production.

Flexible and reliable.
Produce with ease - no more tethered camera crews or on-location production trucks. Depend on TVU Timelock when there aren’t any wired high-speed network connections available.

Easy to operate.
Control latency and bit-rate via TVU Command Center’s intuitive, user-friendly web interface.