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Cloud-based Live Streaming & Video Production Platform

Ultimate live production for streaming and broadcast. REMI reimagined.
A more agile remote video production workflow awaits in the cloud.

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Do it all in the cloud

cloud remote production remi features

Get full control of your production in one screen. Work remotely with your talent and technicians. And take advantage of all the tools needed to create top-quality programs that captivate audiences.


"We estimate savings of at least 30%, allowing us to produce a lot more content as well as content we could simply not get access to.”


We witness the possibilities that 4K cloud production brings to live entertainment and sports events. TVU solutions offer great stability, allowing us to work with confidence and security


With the TVU ecosystem, four or five people in different countries participating in production and transmission, a few pieces of basic equipment, and a couple of smart phones, we were able to stream live to the whole world from one small city in southern Chile

Slash costs

Scale capabilities

Maintain the highest broadcasting standards, while saving thousands on equipment, production trucks and travel costs for your team. Have only minimum crews with at the field, while the rest of your team produces from anywhere in the world.

remote production cost savings flexibility

Superb stability. No glitches. No lag.

Create action sequences exactly at the intended frame. With its patented frame accurate switch technology, TVU Producer offers a professional switcher in the cloud that seamlessly overcomes internet delay to enable frame accurate previews in the web interface with zero latency.

remote production stability

Raise the bar with stunning graphics & transitions

Smooth out your production with seamless transitions from our free library.
And elevate your content with custom graphics from files, URLs or Singular Live.

dynamic graphic insertion tvu producer

Get creative with custom views

Show all the action with stunning multi-views. Choose from our standard selection or create your own.

custom views - cloud live video production

Collaborate live without limits

Manage an unlimited number of participants remotely, engage with audiences and create truly interactive virtual events. Simply share a URL link or QR code of your live streaming production with friends and talents to add them to your story within minutes.

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Run the orchestra

Easily capture and mix audio feeds in the cloud with Advanced Audio Mixer. Adjust all audio input levels as well as master output. Adjust pans (audio gain) for each channel. Mute each channel or select as a solo monitor for fine tuning.

pro audio mixer

Replay instantly

Capture the moment of your live event with built in instant replay feature. Show your viewers slow motions of key moments, without any extra expensive replay system.

replay app for live video remote production remi

Deliver live commentary from anywhere

Now talent can deliver professional, high-quality sports and event commentary literally from anywhere in the world.

Talent sees a low-latency, high-quality preview of the event and can add commentary that’s 100% in sync with the program, thanks to TVU’s auto-sync technology. Your audience won’t even notice.


Perfectly synced, automatic captions

Now automatically add FCC complaint closed captioning to all your live feeds. Our AI based tool TVU Transcriber generates real time captions ensuring perfect synchronization with audio and video feeds.

automatic live captions closed captions

Simplify ad insertion

Easily control ad insertion of SCTE slice points or triggers in the transport stream. SCTE pass-through is supported as well.

SCTE ad insertion - remote production in the cloud

Easy control from any device

elgato streamdeck integrationWEB -

TVU Producer lets you manage cloud production from any device with the same ease and speed as when using on-prem equipment. It integrates seamlessly with Elgato Streamdeck, LoupeDeck, Korg Nano, among many others. Plus, control it with your iPad through our TVU Sidecar app.

From any type of source, to every type of audience

remote production inputs and outputs with tvu producer

input live sources for remote production

Easily pair your sources

Thanks to our extensive ecosystem, Producer works as a cloud receiver for professional cameras and smartphones.
Plus, input up to 12 live feeds of any type, including SRT, SDI, and ST 2110.

simultaneous outputs

Go live everywhere

Outperform by simultaneously producing your live program in both landscape and portrait mode.
Go live in all formats and platforms at the same time, including social media, SRT, RTMP NDI, and much more.


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