Streamline Your Video Content Acquisition Workflow

The cloud-based TVU Contribution Automation Solution (TVU CAS) is a platform designed to automate the planning, resource management, acquisition, transmission, routing and metadata tagging of video content. TVU CAS integrates with major MAM platforms including Dalet, AP ENPS, CatDV, Bitcentral and Primestream. TVU CAS is a part of TVU MediaMind, a story centric workflow.

Time Saving Smart Planning

TVU CAS enables planning right at the story creation stage. All content acquisition resources such as people, devices and routing are assigned to the story and
associated tasks/assignments are automatically sent to field devices and the personnel involved to enable execution of designated tasks.

Automated and Detailed Metadata Tagging

Metadata, such as story slug and details, are automatically captured and associated with the corresponding content without human involvement, making content curation flawless, easy to discover and readily available.

TVU Open API for Easy Integration With Current Workflows

TVU CAS can be seamlessly integrated with existing acquisition, transmission, and receiving devices, routers as well as news systems and with most MAMs. Open API eliminates manual steps, promotes improved workflows and helps streamline operations.

Search Content in Realtime

TVU CAS allows broadcasters to easily search through metadata indexed content to allow for the creation of stories faster. TVU CAS bypasses the need for inefficient and time-consuming search term logging done manually.

Cost Effective Content Acquisition

TVU CAS seamlessly connects all video acquisition resources such as people and equipment to specific stories and tasks. Assignments are automatically pushed to personnel in the field through connected devices leading to significantly reduced operational costs and improved efficiencies that help broadcasters remain competitive.