Cloud-based Media Workflow
Management and Analytics

Monitor, analyze and control all TVU solutions
from one centralized, cloud-based platform,
regardless of your location.

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Workflows, automation and monitoring

Manage all feeds and solutions, while remotely operating any device, around the world. Efficiently automate the planning, scheduling, resource management, acquisition, transmission, routing and metadata tagging of video content and live video transmissions to optimize workflow. Detailed analytics for full monitoring of data usage, including pre-set alerts for data usage thresholds.


Manage your entire media workflow from anywhere, in the cloud

TVU Networks has designed TVU Command Center, a powerful cloud-based central video content management system for all TVU solutions and transmissions. Oversee your entire media supply chain from one interface. Users can remotely operate and control all their TVU devices including transmitters, transceivers and receivers, and TVU Grid. TVU Command Center allows IP video sources to be added or deleted and transmission and output to a third party website or content delivery network (CDN). Video clips from TVU transmitters can be easily downloaded and managed from a central point, and edited clips output to FTP or multiple video sources such as CDNs.

TVU Command Center – Media workflow management for professional broadcast

Remotely control, monitor, manage and even stop live transmission of all TVU assets from anywhere using one online web interface. Add internet streaming video sources and preview and manage unlimited live video feeds. Adjust latency of all connected devices, synchronize your transmitters together for wireless remote production, remotely control smartphones, cameras and more. Enable new users’ live feed in seconds by creating QR codes. 

Analytics to better optimize your live video transmissions. Detailed reporting on all your transmitters data consumption and frequency of use. Analyze the consumption difference between your H.264 and H.265 encoding devices.

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TVU MediaMind Appliance – Automate your workflow from the newsroom to all connected devices

A story-centric workflow to help broadcasters and media organizations streamline the process of producing and delivering live video. Incorporating proprietary technology automation and Artificial Intelligence, such as TVU Search, automatically indexing speech and images within live video feeds for faster and easier story creation throughout the workflow process.

Automate the planning, resource management, acquisition, transmission, routing and metadata tagging of video content with TVU CAS, a part of TVU MediaMind, which integrates with major MAM platforms including Dalet, AP ENPS, CatDV, Bitcentral and Primestream.

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TVU MediaMind Appliance - Automate your workflow from the newsroom to all connected devices

TVU Servers – View, manage and share all video content from one unit

Powerful range of receivers to view, manage and share all live video content from one unit. The TVU Server is the backbone edge device within the TVU Ecosystem. Monitor and control your transmissions and take them live, output to SDI, a third-party website, or CDN all from one central location. Adjust resolution, frame-rate and more, and get important information about real-time transmission rates and live streaming time.

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TVU Servers - Media Workflow Management

Safety and security throughout the media workflow

TVU Networks adopts an extremely high level of security to protect against threat vectors in your network, by enabling a secure network and user profile management.

Seamless Video Content Management with TVU Solutions

Sub-Second Latency

Remote Control

All TVU devices and functions including camera, content-switching, latency and bit-rate

TVU Command Center Dashboard - Centralized Workflow

Monitor Analytics

Monitor and view detailed media analytics of all TVU solutions from one platform



Oversee your entire media supply chain regardless of your location

AI-indexing engine


Streamline your workflow through automation and Artificial Intelligence