Houses of Worship

During this challenging time, houses of worship
need to engage, support and ease the fear of their
followers in-person or remotely.Professional live video
streaming can help bring mass, prayer and worship services
outside of the traditional four walls.

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Connect, Grow and Worship Together Again.


Capture the highest quality video of the worship service with just a smartphone and the TVU Anywhere mobile app. No need for expensive camera equipment.

Easily get multi-camera shots and all features to produce broadcast level production for your church at a fraction of the cost.


Effortlessly combine multiple live and recorded videos, audio, and presentation together, add Church logo and other stunning graphics into one program feed in the cloud with TVU Producer. It’s easy to use, does not require extensive training or additional hardware or software. All you require is just a commodity internet connection and all your needs can be taken care of.

With a built in advanced audio mixer, harmonize music like an orchestra conductor. Easily add, capture and mix audio feeds. Adjust all audio input levels as well as master output.



Your brothers and sisters at home don’t just want to listen, but also contribute to the worship service. Now with TVU Partyline they can remotely engage and interact with other members of the congregation. Church staff or volunteers can collaborate virtually with multiple participants in remote locations.

Anyone can join the virtual session using a simple web link on their smartphones or computer.


Live stream your worship service on your page, website, other church locations or directly on your local broadcast channel and reach members of the congregation remotely.

With one click you can secure the highest quality live video distribution in the right format across multiple platforms, simultaneously. It’s simple, intuitive and does not need technical expertise or complicated user manuals.

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